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We cover social issues

YA readers care about social issues and we talk about why they matter in the book community. Read articles like How YA Authors are Revolutionizing Hollywood, The Importance of Diversity in Literature, and more. 

Author Interviews

Who doesn't want to know more about their favorite authors? We interview debut and beloved authors alike. They talk about their current books and they also share their favorite bookish products. 

Influencer Features

Let's face it... the publishing industry NEEDS readers, and YA readers are some of the most creative people in the world. We feature these amazing creators each month because book lovers deserve credit, too.

The Authors
One of the many reasons to subscribe

You know that feeling. You've just finished reading a fab book and you need MORE! You want to sit down with the author and ask them ALL THE QUESTIONS. You just want to be near the person who wrote such a fantastic book!!! We get it. We love authors, too, and that's a huge part of why we created this magazine featuring our beloved authors on the cover. These fantastic humans create the stories that we escape into and that often get turned into TV series or movies. We wanted to show them our love, and this was one way to do it.  

The Readers
We want your contributions

We want to know what you think. We are regularly seeking contributors to our magazine (check out the Contact Us tab on the homepage) for everything from our "It Matters" feature which covers an important issue in YA Lit today, to cosplayers, and more. We are a magazine by readers for readers. 

Interested in contributing? Here's just a few ideas of what we're looking for:

*short stories    *creative influencers     *flash fiction     *art     *essays     *tutorials     *book reviews     *have an idea?? let us know!

Find people to connect with

We love, Love, LOVE checking out the creative ways our readers express their love for books and storytelling. If you're a lover of all things bookish then you're probably always on the lookout for other other book lovers to follow on social media, and we've got you covered. 

Each month we search for creative, diverse book nerds to interview and feature in our magazine. If you love what you see, follow them on social media and tell them you found them on Curiositales! It's always a good thing to tell an artist you appreciate their work.

Our Story

Hi, my name is Gillian St. Clair. I'm the founder of Curiositales Magazine. I have always loved reading. It's been one of the only things (along with music) that I've always been passionate about. I wanted to create something new for readers... a magazine that celebrated not only the books we love/obsess over, but also everything else that encompasses the bookish world. 

Gillian St. Clair


As a kid, Juliet White slept with a flashlight in her bed for late-night stealth reading.

 You can find her obsessing about libraries @JulietWrites on Twitter, or visit her website at


French-born, Californian lawyer by day, writer/home chef by night, Elle Jauffret writes from personal experience about the culinary arts, mysteries, and France. 

You can find her at or @ElleJauffret on Twitter and Instagram

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Kelsey Bjork is a freelance writer working on her debut YA novel. She loves creating stories & making people feel all of the emotions. She’s also quite fond of music, fashion, & florals.

You can find her on or @thekelseybjork on Instagram.

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