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The New Adult Phenomenon

7 months ago

Harry Potter has defeated Voldemort, Katniss Everdeen has overthrown the government, Simon Spier has graduated from high school. Now what? There is a definite gap in the market when it comes to books for post-adolescents who crave something more than the average coming of age story found in your usual young adult novel. Many readers between […]


Queer Characters in YA Genre Fiction

8 months ago

Feel like your life is would be a little bit brighter if it included a lesbian werewolf and some kickboxing drag-queens? Me, too. But you may not expect to find these characters in the pages of your favorite fantasy, mystery, or historical novels. That’s because queer representation in genre fiction has consistently lagged behind contemporary. […]


Feminism in Fiction | Jun O.

9 months ago

Feminism in fiction? YES. We need more. Bring it on.feminism – the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes First things first, we can’t talk about fictional feminism without first understanding the meaning of feminism. Not to be confused with feminine, feminism, according to the Oxford English Dictionary is “the […]


Trigger Warnings in Fiction

10 months ago

Words hold a lot of power. They can remind us of the best times of our lives but they can also bring back haunting memories of the worst times as well. From an early age, we’re restricted by our parents, by society, and by big corporations. They tell us what content we can consume and what […]


Resiliency in YA Lit

11 months ago

One of the main differences between YA lit and adult fiction is hope. However dark young adult novels get—and some are dark enough that we crave night vision goggles—a ray of hope filters through the pages. Resilience is a life skill that we all need, but it’s not something we’re specifically taught in school. Thankfully, humans […]


Romantic Cliches in YA Literature

last year

Here are three of the worst clichés in YA romances that need to stop. Because even though it’s a guilty pleasure for some, it’s mostly annoying and we want them long gone.

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