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Fiction Food July 2019

8 months ago

Recipes inspired by Breeana Shield’s The Bone Witch. […] long skewers threaded with tender chunks of meat and crisp vegetables […]. […] bowls of sugared berries, and braided loaves of butter-glazed bread.”Recipes inspired by MG Hennessey’s The Echo Park Castaways. “But so far the kid hadn’t said a word, not even to ask for salt, even though it […]


Fiction Food June 2019

9 months ago

Recipes inspired by Isabel Sterling’s These Witches Don’t Burn. “[…] fried eggs, fruit, and a small mountain of bacon load up each plate. […] Gemma reaches across the table and takes the jar [of raspberry jam] from my mom. […] I lift the lid, revealing my favorite homemade chocolate chip cookies.Recipes inspired by Amber Smith’s Something […]


Fiction Food May 2019

10 months ago

Recipes from Nexus by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings“The rich smells of roasted meats and spices drifted around them […]. […] crispy golden potatoes, green beans dripping in oil […]. […] “Now what?” Gilly asked, shoveling a hunk of cheese into her mouth.”Recipes from The Tiger at Midnight by Swati Teerdhala “[…] he relaxed around Kunal, […]


Fiction Food April 2019

11 months ago

Recipes from Warrior of the Wild by Tricia Levenseller “[…] precious stones and gems, fine clothing sewn with metallic hems, preserved fruits and pickled vegetables […]”  […] I peer inside to find bright yellow berries piled to the rim. […] he turns valder meat over on a spit […]”Recipes from Nyxia by Scott Reintgen […] and the […]


Fiction Food | “The Fever King” & “Stronger, Faster, and More Beautiful”

last year

“When Noam was a kid and felt picky about chocking down gefilte fish on Pesach […]. […] You just consumed your body weight in bourbon. […] Noam respected food […] but his stomach rebelled against every bite of porridge. […] He wasn’t that familiar with whiskey, but a double-oaked bourbon sounded like a pretty big deal.”We […]