Lighting the Darkness with Amber Smith

8 months ago

Some books whisk us away to fantasy worlds where we can forget our own reality, while others shine light into the darkest corners of our current landscape. Amber Smith specializes in the latter. With her treatment of sexual assault in The Way I Used To Be and domestic violence in The Last To Let Go, Smith stares down some tough topics. Too many of us experience circumstances that require the grit shown by her characters and, as necessary as escapism can be, we also need the validation of seeing the harder truths of our lives reflected in stories imbued with hope and healing.

Smith’s newest release, a contemporary novel titled Something Like Gravity, features two protagonists—Chris and Maia—who are each finding their way through challenging situations, while figuring out who they are as individuals and who they can be together.

Read our full interview with Amber Smith of  Something Like Gravity in the June 2019 issue of Curiositales magazine. By Juliet White.

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