Meet @kimannereads

7 months ago

Tell us about yourself and why you bookstagram:

My name is Kimberly Anne and I was a total Twihard! No LOL. Let me start over. Hi, I’m Kimberly Anne and I just graduated from university with a Bachelor’s in public relations and minor in marketing. Since being back home from school, I’ve reconnected with my love of reading. I used to read constantly when I was little, up until high school. I jumped back into reading with CoBaB by Tomi Adeyemi and was so anxious that it was over that I served Youtube to find reactions or reviews of the book. That’s how I stumbled unto booktube, which lead me to bookstagram (and the rest is history, as they say). I love bookstagraming! It’s another fantastic way for me to connect with the book community and also discover new and interesting books I otherwise wouldn’t hear about.

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