Curiositales Magazine July 2019 Interviews with MG Hennessey

Society’s Invisible Kids with MG Hennessey

When kids in foster care turn 18 years old, 20 percent of them instantly become homeless—they’ve aged out of the system. It makes sense, then, that one out of every four kids who age out neither graduate from high school, nor get their GED. These startling statistics reveal how our society lets down a lot of children. Author M.G. Hennessey took her firsthand knowledge of the foster care system and used it as the inspiration for her latest middle grade novel, The Echo Park Castaways. The book, which will be released this month, provides readers with a window into experiences that may be far removed from their own. 

“I actually work with foster kids, so the subject is near and dear to me,” Hennessey explained. “You don’t see that many accurate representations of what they go through every day. My initial idea for this was Stand By Me meets The Boxcar Children. My kids love those books and it’s a little sad that there’s no modern version of that, even though the foster care system has exploded over the last decade—especially here in Los Angeles.”

Read our full interview with MG Hennessey of  The Echo Park Castaways in the July 2019 issue of Curiositales magazine. By Juliet White.

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