Trigger Warnings in Fiction

11 months ago

Words hold a lot of power. They can remind us of the best times of our lives but they can also bring back haunting memories of the worst times as well.

From an early age, we’re restricted by our parents, by society, and by big corporations. They tell us what content we can consume and what is inappropriate. One of the most obvious examples is film. All movies are rated according to their content whether it be violence or sex or something else. We are told by our parents at 12 years old that we cannot watch a film rated PG 13 because we are not old enough yet. They want to protect our innocence from what is being depicted in the film.

What if this happened to our reading material as well?

Read more about trigger warnings in YA fiction in the April 2019 issue of Curiositales magazine. By Mieke Göttsche.

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