Issue 10 2019 April Curiositales Magazine Interviews with Scott Reintgen

What Would You Do for Millions of Dollars? Interview with Scott Reintgen

“If you were offered millions of dollars to go to space for three years, what would you say?” – that’s the question Scott Reintgen likes to ask when introducing his Nyxia trilogy. Asking this question is the perfect way to help readers get into the mind of the protagonist, Emmett Atwater, who wrestles with this very dilemma.

In the end, he chooses to accept the offer to mine nyxia on the planet Eden with nine others – once the mission begins, though, Emmett discovers that the sacrifices he must make to earn the money might not be worth it.

While some would think it’s worth it, others, including Reintgen, would disagree. That’s why sacrifice is a big theme in Nyxia.

Emmett is sacrificing time with his family, of course, but the sacrifices Reintgen wanted to analyze the most were moral ones. “When you’re given an amazing opportunity like this, how much of your moral compass are you willing to let stray?” he asked hypothetically.

“Are you going to be the exact same person and be honorable the whole way? Or, are you going to break the rules a little?” he continued. “Would you be willing to do that if the stakes were that high?”

Read our full interview with Scott Reintgen of  the Nyxia Triad in the April 2019 issue of Curiositales magazine. By Kelsey Bjork.

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